Kitchen Update

At the end of the day, our kitchen will still be outdated and tiny and have the worst lighting in the world, but infusing little bits of weird and fun make it feel a little more like us. Some day, I’ll have a beautiful, bright, full of storage and light kitchen, but for at least another year…this is what we got. Life is still good. I can still cook meals for our family. As long as no one else tries to squeeze in there with me. Then I shut down in crawl into a tiny ball in the corner…ain’t no room for two people.

Whew…anyway, Walls Need Love (who I have worked with previously on adding a striped wall, that now lives in our hallway) sent me the gold Dog Silhouettes designed for The Nester. Their decals are such high quality. Allie helped me peel off the decals and we had no ripping drama. They can be moved around without losing any of their sticking power and they lay so flat to the wall that people aren’t sure if I painted them right on.

The dogs add just the right amount of cool and quirkiness to my chalkboard paint backsplash that makes visitors stop and say, “hmmm…” I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank you very much. Woof.

Also in the kitchen, I added my little gazelle head from HomeGoods, a couple new matching rugs from Target that feel so much better now that they are brighter and matching in such a tight space, and my favorite IKEA stool that I painted to be a look-a-like to Dana’s of House Tweaking. Allie is finally able to wash her own hands and Carson can raid the cupboards in the morning. Yahoo to that.




Thanks Walls Need Love for sending these awesome decals. They seriously make me so happy. Go check them out. Looks like you can get 15% off using code FIREWORKS15. So much cuteness and genius for renters like myself.

While product was kindly provided, these photos and opinions are entirely my own.


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