Light & Bright Dining Room

I think the last time I posted about our dining room it had a black chalkboard wall. After one winter here and discovering how dark and gloomy it could be, the black chalkboard wall had to go. It didn’t do much to lift my spirits in the cold winter days so I decided something bright and cheerful was more suitable for this tiny wall. I actually made this change several months ago and I haven’t lived to regret it. The chalkboard paint was surprisingly easy to paint over. Everyone gave me a hard time for painting a rental black , with concerns that I would have a real issue when it came time to painting it back, but this wall took two coats of white paint and that black was gone forever.

The stencil, as usual per stenciling, was a pain in my butt. Luckily, a good friend here came to the rescue to help me get the last of the wall done when I felt like I had had enough. I love how it turned out. It isn’t perfect and actually gets increasingly worse with each stencil, but you have to be up close to really notice how bad the bleeding got with my increase in laziness.

The stencil I used is the Tea House Trellis. I know stencils aren’t for everyone, but it’s a great solution for renters who want the look of wallpaper with just some paint.

Have you tried a stencil? Would you ever do it again? This is my second time using one and I have sworn both times I will never do it again. But, I did… so, here it is.






Edit: Forgot I had this sweet picture of my big girl’s 4th birthday party!


One response to “Light & Bright Dining Room”

  1. jessie

    i can’t believe she’s 4!!!! she looks as cute as ever. happy birthday big girl!

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