Making Room to Share

The big change in Allie’s room will take place in about 20 more weeks, when it will no longer just be Allie’s room. Baby #3 is coming and is in need of some space. I was so sure we were having a boy, but lo and behold…it’s another girl! To make room for another human in this small room, we took out Allie’s small dresser, nightstand, dollhouse, and picture wall. We replaced her dresser with a larger dresser from IKEA that both girls will be able to share for a while. 

I added a sweet accent wall to replace the picture wall that wouldn’t be so safe over a crib. I decided on the Flying Arrow Decals in gold from Walls Need Love. They are exactly what I wanted and makes the wall where the crib soon will live pretty special. They are currently my most favorite thing in the room (besides it’s resident). They were super easy to adhere. Allie actually peeled each arrow and handed them to me to stick on the wall. She stuck a few on herself, but mostly put them in crazy places that I later moved when she wasn’t looking.

I’m loving this space, probably more than I ever have. Her room is always a favorite. And now TWO girls will be able to love and play and trash it. I can’t wait!






IMG_7551As far as baby-ness, I’m planning on keeping the baby side really simple will gold polka dot sheets and a brass mobile that I will probably end up making. Here are my ideas so far:baby

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