Have a Seat, Won’t You?

I’m a bargain hunter. I shop thrift stores and sales and garage sales. I love the hunt of treasures. I had a stage of hoarding that I bought everything that was medium cute if it was on sale. When we downsized in a big way to this town home, my hoarding habit had to come to a halt. I make myself get rid of things when something new comes in. Now when I buy, it has to have a place and it has to be versatile. As a never-ending renter, a valuable lesson I’ve learned is to buy and keep pieces that can be awesome in several spaces.

One of my favorite things to purchase for my home is statement chairs. I mean, I could live in a room of stylish chairs. Seriously. It’s a weakness. Before I buy, I try to envision the chair in several locations in my home. If it only will work for one space, I don’t buy. I can’t buy. Partly because I am constantly changing things and partly because it’s a tight squeeze here and partly because I never know what will work in our next home. So if I can envision a new chair in a kids room, in the family room, as an office chair, as an extra chair at the dining table, etc., it might make the cut.

A couple of my favorite chairs in my home right now are my leather thrifted chair (its leather is old and buttery AND it reclines!) and my Donny Osmond Home tufted chair. These are versatile pieces. Today the leather chair chills in Carson’s room as a little reading nook, tomorrow it might be in our family room. The tufted chair serves as my desk chair today, tomorrow it might be used at our dining table.

That’s how it goes for renters.  And I can’t complain. I’m a habitual tweaker. Twerker? That too.






Need some help purchasing or reupholstering your statement chair? One Kings Lane has created a Home Décor Resource guide to help light the way. Check it.

What’s your favorite statement chair in your home? How do you go about purchasing statement pieces for your home? Do you want everything to be versatile enough to work in several spaces?

One response to “Have a Seat, Won’t You?”

  1. Lisa

    Love your Donny Osmond chairs! Thanks for sharing.

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